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08.09.2017 02.00 Age: 2 days

Cayman Islands Named Leading Specialized IFC

For the ninth consecutive year, the Cayman Islands has been named the world's number one specialized financial center by the Banker magazine.

Jude Scott, CEO of the territory's financial services promotion agency, Cayman Finance, commented: "The Cayman Islands has long been regarded as the world's premier international financial center through unparalleled market leadership across all industry sectors, and long-standing relationships with top quality, law abiding international clients."

He continued: "The Cayman Islands is the leading jurisdiction for international hedge funds, the world's second largest captive insurance company domicile, the leading jurisdiction for healthcare captives, and a leading jurisdiction for capital markets, trusts, and banking." He added: "Our company register is at a historical high with regards to the number of active companies."

Guernsey and Jersey were ranked second and third, respectively, in the specialized financial centers list, with the Bahamas and Bermuda closing out the top five places in the survey.


Cayman Islands Named Leading Specialized IFC