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New Zealand consults on abuse of main residence tax relief

New Zealand's tax authority has launched a consultation on tax relief on the ...[more]

Mon,16 Sept 2019

Argentina: Personal Data Protection Law - Impact on Labor Issues

The Personal Data Protection Law No. 25,326 (hereinafter the "Law") is in force ...[more]

Mon,16 Sept 2019

Crowdfunding campaign seeks to challenge FATCA information request

A US-born British citizen has commenced a crowdfunding campaign to challenge the ...[more]

Thu,12 Sept 2019

FATF 'will not allow cryptocurrency to replace secret numbered accounts'

The June 2019 plenary session of the global Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ended ...[more]

Mon,24 June 2019

US: Regulations Address FATCA Verification and Certification Requirements

On 21 March 2019, the US Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations relating to...[more]

Wed,08 May 2019

US: OFAC Publishes “A Framework for Compliance Commitments”

On 2 May 2019, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) published, ...[more]

Thu,02 May 2019

Danske Bank to forgo Estonian money laundering profits

Danske Bank said on Wednesday that it would forgo profits made on suspicious transactions , ...[more]

Thu,20 Jul 2018

US fails to receive 'compliant' tax transparency rating

The OECD's Tax Transparency Forum has declined to grant the top rating of 'compliant' , ...[more]

Thu,19 Jul 2018

Credit Suisse nears $360 million deadline in fraud suit built on a hunch

When the high-end property development Lake Las Vegas collapsed during the , ...[more]

Tue,11 Jul 2018

100 States Now Expected To Swap Taxpayer Data In September

More than 100 jurisdictions will automatically exchange financial account information in, ...[more]

Tue,06 Jul 2018

Testamentary freedom close to becoming Colombian law

Following approval in the last Senate debate, a bill modifying the Civil Code , ...[more]

Tue,03 Jul 2018

GBP100,000 fine for UK charity whose list of supporters was hacked

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has fined a religious charity GBP100,000 for allowing , ...[more]

Mon,11 Jun 2018

UK banks face Brexit blow in France's tilt at MiFID rules

The nation is seeking to tighten the equivalence rules of the MiFID II regulations , ...[more]

Thu,07 Jun 2018

British OTs Must Introduce Public Beneficial Ownership Registers

The UK's 14 Overseas Territories must bring in publicly accessible registers concerning , ...[more]

Mon,04 Jun 2018

UK: Does GDPR give beneficiaries the right to be told they are named in a will?

With the entry into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , ...[more]

Thu,24 May 2018

Henley Passport Index: The most powerful passports in a time of global travel access growth

Offering its citizens visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a record total of 189 destinations, , ...[more]

Wed,23 May 2018

Guernsey asserts right to reject future UK interference

Guernsey Chief Minister Gavin St Pier has issued a statement affirming Guernsey's , ...[more]

Mon,21 May 2018

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange working in association with the Government against Tax Evasion

World leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is working in coordination with British , ...[more]

Mon,21 May 2018

EU to remove Panama, Korea, UAE, 5 others from tax haven blacklist

European Union officials have proposed removing eight jurisdictions from the blacklist , ...[more]

Tue,16 Jan 2018

Netherlands withdraws tax amnesty offer from individuals with undisclosed investment income

The Dutch coalition government has significantly watered down its predecessor's plan , ...[more]

Mon,15 Jan 2018

HSBC Suisse settles with France over 'Lagarde List' charges

The Geneva private banking subsidiary of HSBC has paid the French authorities EUR300 , ...[more]

Thu,16 Nov 2017

How sham trusts served 'Putin's banker'

The case of the Russian billionaire Sergei Pugachev raises important points on why , ...[more]

Thu,16 Nov 2017

Offshore Centers Chide Paradise Papers' Coverage

The Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories have responded , ...[more]

Mon,13 Nov 2017

Hong Kong to cut corporate taxation for small enterprises even lower

The Hong Kong government is to introduce a new 8.2 per cent rate of corporation , ...[more]

Mon,16 Oct 2017

SARS Hails Tax Amnesty Scheme Success

Over 2,000 taxpayers made use of South Africa's Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme , ...[more]

Thu,12 Oct 2017

Standard Chartered comes under scrutiny for billion-dollar Singapore transfer

Regulators are investigating allegations that USD1.4 billion of private client funds , ...[more]

Mon,09 Oct 2017

IoM Anti-Fraud Law Takes Effect Next Month

The Isle of Man's new anti-fraud legislation takes effect from next month, ...[more]

Fri,06 Oct 2017

UK: Undisclosed grounds for suspicion were sufficient to grant HMRC search warrant

The England and Wales High Court has upheld warrants used by HMRC, ...[more]

Thu,05 Oct 2017

Russian Tax Service approves British Virgin Islands' removal from offshore list

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) removes the British Virgin Islands (BVI) from, ...[more]

Wed,04 Oct 2017

ADGM, Japanese Regulators Ink Cooperation Agreement

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the low-tax free trade zone in Abu Dhabi, ...[more]

Fri,22 Sept 2017

JERSEY: Success for plaintiffs in USD200 million Crociani case

Five years of litigation about a Bahamian trust have ended in a . ...[more]

Thu,21 Sept 2017

UK: Government set to crack down on tax perks for well-off investors

Provisions in the newly-published Finance Bill could deter ...[more]

Wed,20 Sept 2017

Guernsey Ready To Support 'Impact Investing' Activity

Guernsey's financial services promotion agency, Guernsey Finance, has ...[more]

Fri,15 Sept 2017

Top China Bitcoin exchange to stop trading

One of China's biggest Bitcoin exchanges has said it will stop trading. ...[more]

Fri,15 Sept 2017

UK Finance Bill provisions intended to encourage remittance are flawed, say experts

Provisions in the newly-published Finance Bill could deter ...[more]

Thu,14 Sept 2017

Cayman Islands Named Leading Specialized IFC

For the ninth consecutive year, the Cayman Islands has been named ...[more]

Fri,08 Sept 2017

Is offshore a dirty word?

Until recently the wealthy could stash their cash offshore with impunity. ...[more]

Thu,07 Sept 2017

Tax authorities forbidden to misuse country-by-country reports

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has issued ...[more]

Thu,07 Sept 2017

US banks urged to use money laundering disclosures to report "elder financial exploitation

A memo issued by the US Treasury Department's Financial Crimes ...[more]

Tue,05 Sept 2017

Misleading Claims about Multi-National Corporate Tax Avoidance

(Real Clear Markets)-Global political leaders can't seem to agree on ...[more]

Thu,31 Aug 2017

Shanghai FTZ Home To 500 Art Trading Companies

Personal Finance -- Your global investment strategy should be more ...[more]

Thu,31 Aug 2017

Law firm must compensate British investors in failed Calabrian property project

The Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone has reported that it is ...[more]

Tue,29 Aug 2017

The countries to target when investing offshore

Personal Finance -- Your global investment strategy should be more ...[more]

Fri,18 Aug 2017

Europe's blacklist of 'uncooperative' jurisdictions nears completion

A European Commission committee is discussing the sanctions that EU ...[more]

Wed,16 Aug 2017

Abu Dhabi Global Market Begins To Offer Foundations

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the international financial center in ...[more]

Wed,16 Aug 2017

Canada takes aim at anti-avoidance through private corporations

The Canadian federal government has begun consulting on proposals ...[more]

Thu,20 July 2017

A Former Credit Suisse Banker Has Pleaded Guilty in a U.S. Offshore Tax Case

A former Credit Suisse Group AG banker from Switzerland pleaded ...[more]

Thu,20 July 2017

Multinational tax avoidance law passed in 2015 may need revising, says ATO chief

The head of the Australian Tax Office has hinted that a law ,...[more]

Thu,07 July 2017

Tax enforcement high on this weekend's G20 agenda

With the G20 leaders' summit in Hamburg taking place this ,...[more]

Thu,06 July 2017

BVI firms hold $1.5T in assets, benefit global economy

An economic impact report commissioned by BVI Finance has ,...[more]

Mon,03 July 2017

Madoff sons' estates settle with bankruptcy trustee

The estates of the deceased sons of fraudster Bernard ,...[more]

Tue,23 June 2017

German State Receives 'MaltaLeaks' Data

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has ,...[more]

Fri,12 May 2017

Dutch Hearings After Panama Papers Dig Into Trust Sector

Dutch officials probing the use of tax schemes have heard ,...[more]

Wed,14 June 2017

Cayman's pioneering position maintained in Trusts Law revision

The Cayman Islands' commitment to continued high standards of ,...[more]

Thu,08 June 2017

Shanghai FTZ Welcomes Major Fund Manager Vanguard

Vanguard, the world's largest mutual fund company, officially ,...[more]

Wed,07 June 2017

US Pass-Through Tax Plan 'A Massive Tax Break For High Earners

The Urban-Brooking Tax Policy Center (TPC) has calculated that ,...[more]

Tue,16 May 2017

More Changes Needed From Panama To Quash Tax Evasion: UN

Panama needs to require greater due diligence from financial and ,...[more]

Tue,16 May 2017

OECD moves four jurisdictions to CRS reporting list for 2018

Two weeks before the first OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) ,...[more]

Mon,15 May 2017

Swiss Supreme Court approves France's demand for disclosure of UBS client account

Switzerland's Supreme Court has ruled that the government can ,...[more]

Thu,16 Mar 2017

UK: Ultra-rich protect wealth with spread of 'family offices'

These are teams of professionals - such as lawyers, financiers ,...[more]

Thu,16 Mar 2017

Guernsey, China Insurance Regulators Sign MoU

Guernsey's financial services regulator, the Guernsey Financial ,...[more]

Wed,15 Mar 2017

BVI Seeks UK Support Post-Brexit

BVI Premier Orlando Smith said he will be seeking assurances from ,...[more]

Mon,06 Feb 2017

Countries' Global Tax, Profit Reporting Under Review

The OECD is watching closely to make sure countries comply with ,...[more]

Fri,03 Feb 2017

New requirement to disclose ultimate beneficial owners of Uruguayan resident and non-resident entities

Uruguay's Law on International Tax Transparency, the Prevention ,...[more]

Wed,01 Feb 2017

Bank fined £163m for money laundering failings

The Financial Conduct Authority has fined Deutsche Bank AG more ,...[more]

Tue,31 Jan 2017

Trump Reemphasizes His Tariff Threat

On January 11, during his first press conference since the election ,...[more]

Thu,12 Jan 2017

No standing for adopted child to vary birth mother's will, says British Columbia Court

The plaintiff, Gary Boer, the biological ,...[more]

Tue,10 Jan 2017

Banks directed to upload KYC with central registry from Jan 1

Reserve Bank today directed all banks to ,...[more]

Mon,09 Jan 2017

Italy reopens tax amnesty for domestic as well as offshore assets

Italy's re-launch of its tax amnesty began ,...[more1]

Mon,09 Jan 2017

BVI To Sign Up To BEPS Minimum Standards

The British Virgin Islands has confirmed ,...[more1]

Thu,05 Jan 2017

India Amends Tax Treaty With Singapore, With Eye on APAs

The Indian government has amended its tax treaty ,...[more1]

Wed,04 Jan 2017

Hong Kong Committed To Compliant International Tax Regime

During a recent speech, the Secretary for Financial,...[more1]

Fri,07 Oct 2016

Indonesia tax amnesty programme hugely successful

As of 30 September, more than 347,000 Indonesian ,...[more1]

Fri,07 Oct 2016

After disclosure on Bahamas tax havens, UN experts urge governments to take action

In the wake of the recent disclosure of leaked Bahamas ,...[more1]

Mon,03 Oct 2016

Bermuda: Reinsurance market 'ripe' for more mergers

Bermuda: Reinsurance market 'ripe' for more mergers ,...[more1]

Thu,08 Sept 2016

Hong Kong, Russia DTA Enters Into Force

Bermuda: Reinsurance market 'ripe' for more mergers ,...[more1]

Thu,05 Sept 2016

Dearly beloved: Prince's death prompts uptick in wills

In the month since Prince died and his heirs began wrangling ,...[more1]

Thu,19 May 2016

Foreign companies will be forced to disclose ownership before buying English property

Professional services firm KPMG has warned that the UK's prop ,...[more1]

Thu,10 Mar 2016


Foreign companies will be forced to disclose ownership before buying English property

The UK government is proposing to force foreign companies to ,...[more1]

Thu,10 Mar 2016

Trusts face tougher listing requirements

Recent updates to investment company regulations should not be ,...[more1]

Tue,08 Mar 2016

UK public is 'unaware' of this year's important changes to the tax system

Imminent changes to the taxation of savings and dividends ,...[more1]

Mon,07 Mar 2016

UK tax authority asks for views on CRS client notification regulations

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has drafted regulations requiring ,...[more1]

Mon,08 Feb 2016

Record number of US citizens, green-card holders cut ties with US in 2015

Increase attributed to recent enforcement campaign against ,...[more1]

Mon,08 Feb 2016

New EU package of proposals against tax avoidance

The European Commission has published a draft directive ,...[more1]

Thu,28 Jan 2016

Budget may ease rules for offshore fund managers moving to India

Move to make it easier for funds to avail of tax exemptions ,...[more1]

Mon,25 Jan 2016

Five-Year High Reported In Offshore IPO Activity

Over 200 offshore initial public offerings (IPOs) were ,...[more1]

Wed,20 Jan 2016

Survey: FATCA negatively affects Americans living overseas

Survey: FATCA negatively affects Americans living overseas ,...[more1]

Thu,14 Jan 2016

Consultation on India's new definition of tax residency extended

The Indian government's consultation on its new criteria ,...[more1]

Thu,07 Jan 2016

FCA scraps banking and insurance probes

The UK financial regulator has scrapped a series of major ,...[more1]

Mon,04 Jan 2016

Bermuda Issues Report On Foreign Portfolio Holdings

On December 23, the Bermuda Monetary Authority published the ,...[more1]

Mon,28 Dec 2015

Cayman Developing Beneficial Ownership Proposals

The Cayman Government has proposed that services providers ,...[more1]

Mon,21 Dec 2015

Swiss ban for six former UBS traders over market rigging

Swiss financial regulator, Finma, said today it had issued ,...[more1]

Fri,18 Dec 2015

Almost half of hedge fund firms plan 2016 fund launch

Almost half of hedge fund firms plan to roll out a new hedge ,...[more1]

Fri,18 Dec 2015

Foreign buyers must pay surcharge on 'additional' UK property purchases

The UK government has confirmed that its new 3 per cent ,...[more1]

Thu,17 Dec 2015

Cash extracted from wound-up firms to be taxed as income

Next year's Finance Bill will impose an income tax charge on ,...[more1]

Monday,14 Dec 2015

Cash extracted from wound-up firms to be taxed as income

Next year's Finance Bill will impose an income tax charge on ,...[more1]

Monday,14 Dec 2015

Final UK offshore disclosure opportunity extended by one year

The final opportunity for UK taxpayers to disclose offshore tax ,...[more1]

Monday,14 Dec 2015

ATO to unveil large business hit list, clamps down on Singapore hubs

Hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue could be up for grabs as the ,...[more1]

Monday,14 Dec 2015

Malta Welcomes Agreement On Flexible BEPS Responses

Edward Scicluna, Malta's Minister for Finance, said he is "extremely satisfied" ,...[more1]

Thursday,10 Dec 2015

HMRC amends draft measures on offshore tax evasion

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has accepted industry pleas to ,...[more1]

Thursday,10 Dec 2015

India, Switzerland improve cooperation on tax matters

With India stepping up efforts to bring back illicit funds ,...[more1]

Thursday,10 Dec 2015

UK: HMRC to be given new powers to demand personal financial details from Bermuda

Tax authorities in Britain will be given new powers to demand ,...[more1]

Tuesday,01 Dec 2015

Barclays fined heavily for due diligence failure

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Barclays ,...[more1]

Thursday,26 Nov 2015

IRS' new regulations on corporate inversions

The US Treasury Department has issued further notices aimed ,...[more1]

Tuesday,24 Nov 2015

Euro zone growing but slower than the pace of US and Asia - hedge fund assets reduce by two per cent

The European industry continued to climb in H1 2015 - albeit ,...[more1]

Monday,23 Nov 2015

Repatriation of funds and criminal amnesty under Brazil's Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Brazilian federal government has submitted to Congress ,...[more1]

Wednesday,18 Nov 2015

UK sets out beneficial ownership register demands on territories

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has set out exactly ,...[more1]

Monday,16 Nov 2015

China's Stock Connect hasn't tapped into foreign money

The lackluster takeup has left Beijing looking for other ways ,...[more1]

Monday,16 Nov 2015

Australia and Germany sign new tax treaty

Australia and Germany have signed a new treaty on tax in the ,...[more1]

Friday,13 Nov 2015

France wants financial transactions tax accord in Brussels

France wants an agreement on a financial transactions tax (FTT) ,...[more1]

Tuesday,10 Nov 2015

Look who's getting away with not paying this estate tax

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes,...[more1]

Wednesday,4 Nov 2015

Shanghai will emerge as a reinsurance hub

As some of China's re/insurers find their feet and ...[more1]

Thursday,1 Nov 2015

Under FATCA Indian Trusts will now have to disclose details to IRS

Over the past decade, many Indian business families ...[more1]

Friday,30 Oct 2015

UK publishes consultation on restriction to corporate interest tax relief

HM Treasury has published a consultation...[more1]

Monday,26 Oct 2015

Charity regulator had no power to fetter trustees' decision, says High Court

The Guardian newspaper reports that ...[more1]

Thursday,22 Oct 2015

Australia amends tax transparency law

The Australian Senate has passed ...[more1]

Monday,19 Oct 2015

China economy logs weakest growth since 2009

China's economic growth dipped below ...[more1]

Monday,19 Oct 2015

Hong Kong Drafts Tax Information Exchange Legislatio

Hong Kong's Government has announced that ...[more1]

Wednesday,14 Oct 2015

India's offshore tax amnesty recovers just US$575 mln - government

India recovered a meagre US$575 million of ...[more1]

Friday ,02 Oct 2015

EU's Juncker releases secret 'Luxleaks' tax advice

Secret Luxembourg document discussed risks of ...[more1]

Thursday ,01 Oct 2015

Isle of Man signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the Cayman Islands

The Isle of Man has continued its programme of ...[more1]

Thursday ,24 Sept 2015

IRS Permitted To Seek Information On US Accounts In Belize

On September 16, a federal court in Miami authorized ...[more1]

Friday ,18 Sept 2015

Australia targets tax avoidance by multinationals

Treasurer Joe Hockey, all but certain to lose his ...[more1]

Wednesday ,16 Sept 2015

Philippines urged to enact reforms on bank secrecy, money laundering

Remittance senders could face higher costs and the ...[more1]

Monday ,14 Sept 2015

Hong Kong securities watchdog probes brokers, hedge funds over China investment products

Hong Kong securities watchdog probes brokers, hedge ...[more1]

Wednesday ,10 Sept 2015

France hands Cyprus controversial list of HSBC depositors

France has handed to Cypriot authorities a controversial ...[more1]

Wednesday ,09 Sept 2015

Gibraltar, BVI Regulators Agree Cooperation

The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commissions ...[more1]

Wednesday ,01 Sept 2015

Crunch time for insurers on capital rules

It is crunch time for Europe's insurers....[more1]

Tuesday ,01 Sept 2015

Investors are fleeing once-popular emerging markets

First boom, then bust: Investors once keen on emerging...[more1]

Tuesday ,01 Sept 2015

India, Seychelles ink pact to exchange information on tax

Indian signed an agreement for exchanging information with ...[more1]

Thursday ,27 August 2015

IOM Publishes Trade-Based Money Laundering Notice

The Isle of Man Customs and Excise Division has published ...[more1]

Friday ,21 August 2015

IoM's New Regulator To Launch In November

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority,the island's ...[more1]

Tuesday ,18 August 2015

Singapore bankers rattled by Asian moves to chase hidden wealth

Singapore-based wealth managers, already under pressure ...[more1]

Tuesday ,18 August 2015

Tax authorities urged to be more vigilant over the super-rich

Revenue authorities need to be "vigilant" in monitoring ...[more1]

Friday ,14 August 2015

Singapore Seeing Increased Company Formations

Just under 16,000 new businesses were formed in Singapore ...[more1]

Friday ,14 August 2015

Gibraltar To Create Financial Services Ombudsman

The Government of Gibraltar has issued a paper proposing ...[more1]

Wednesday ,05 August 2015

Business start-up rates continue to recover

Business start-up rates in OECD countries have generally risen...[more1]

Wednesday ,05 August 2015

OECD updates anti-tax evasion list

Europe's attempts to clean up tax evasion and money laundering ...[more1]

Wednesday ,05 August 2015

India, China face exodus of millionaires: Report

India and China are facing an exodus of their wealthiest ...[more1]

Tuesday ,28 July 2015

IMF Welcomes Singapore's Fiscal Policies

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed support ...[more1]

Tuesday ,24 July 2015

CYPRUS: FBME 'shocked' at FinCEN ruling, 'unwarranted' allegations

FBME said that the U.S. Treasury's FinCEN ruling on Thursday to ...[more1]

Tuesday ,24 July 2015

Channel Islands Can Tap Alternative Investment Growth

A predicted global rise of investment in alternative assets ...[more1]

Tuesday ,20 July 2015

US tax evasion crackdown widens net to Singapore

Criminal investigators at the US Internal Revenue Service...[more1]

Tuesday ,20 July 2015

Abu Dhabi Global Market Releases More Laws

The Abu Dhabi Global Market, a soon-to-launch free zone ...[more1]

Tuesday ,14 July 2015

Malaysia aims to become international Islamic financial centre

The Malaysian government has adopted an efficient and integrated ...[more1]

Tuesday ,14 July 2015

Shanghai tops Chinese ranking of finance centres for inward FDI

Shanghai is China's biggest international financial centre ...[more1]

Tuesday ,14 July 2015

S&P sees worldwide Sukuk issuance setting to stall in 2015

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services foresees the global Sukuk ...[more1]

Tuesday ,7 July 2015

Govt Confident Tax Amnesty for Criminals Will Work

The government says its proposed amnesty for tax evaders ...[more1]

Wednesday ,1 July 2015

Manager turnover speeds up at investment companies

Turnover at UK and offshore investment companies has risen rapidly...[more1]

Tuesday ,23 June 2015

Hong Kong chides EU for new tax blacklist

Hong Kong's Government has expressed its regret that the...[more1]

Tuesday ,23 June 2015

Australia: Cross-border distribution low despite initiatives

Only a small percentage of Australian fund managers have developed ...[more1]

Tuesday ,12 June 2015

Bahamas Signs Renminbi Agreement With China

Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie has signed an agreement in ...[more1]

Tuesday ,12 June 2015

Belize Removed From CFATF Grey List

The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) has removed Belize ...[more1]

Tuesday ,12 June 2015

HSBC to pay EURO38m in Swiss laundering probe

HSBC said yesterday it had agreed to pay the authorities in Geneva ...[more1]

Tuesday ,9 June 2015

UK financial system needs urgent overhaul, says thinktank

New Economics Foundation calls for banking reforms and warns that ...[more1]

Tuesday ,9 June 2015

Malaysia targets 5-6 per cent growth in new economic plan

Malaysia's 11th and final 5-year economic plan leading up to its target ...[more1]

Tuesday ,26 May 2015

Six Banks Pay $5.8 Billion, Five Guilty of Market Rigging

Six of the world's biggest banks will pay $5.8 billion ..[more1]

Tuesday ,26 May 2015

Financial sector bosses warn of dangers in new regulations

The new system of global financial regulation could channel dangerous ...[more1]

Tuesday ,26 May 2015

European supervisors call for more coherent securitisation framework

European supervisors call for more coherent securitisation framework...[more1]

Monday ,18 May 2015

Singapore may lose some lustre as low-tax hub

Singapore may lose some lustre as low-tax hub...[more1]

Monday ,18 May 2015

Labuan GIFT Programme vs Singapore Global Trader Programme

Labuan GIFT Programme vs Singapore Global Trader Programme...[more1]

Monday ,18 May 2015

IRS expands use of legal tools against tax evaders

IRS expands use of legal tools against tax evaders...[more1]

Monday ,11 May 2015

Canadian Court Shifts Corporate Liability to Managers

Canadian Court Shifts Corporate Liability to Managers...[more1]

Monday ,11 May 2015

Family lose challenge on 'want of knowledge' grounds

Family lose challenge on 'want of knowledge' grounds...[more1]

Monday ,11 May 2015

Global regulators shift focus to risk and conduct

Global regulators shift focus to risk and conduct...[more1]

Tuesday ,5 May 2015

Singapore still seen as major Asia Reit hub

Singapore still seen as major Asia Reit hub...[more1]

Tuesday ,21 April 2015

Latin lesson

Nicolas Malumian TEP is a Partner at Malumain & Fossati [more1]

Wednesday ,11 March 2015

Singapore to see world's fastest growth of HNWIs

Singapore is set to have the world's fastest growth in the number of super rich individuals within...[more1]

Wednesday ,11 March 2015

Forum feud

Patrick Hamlin and Sharon Ser[more1]

Wednesday ,04 March 2015

Caribbean Needs United Voice On Banking, Says Antigua

by Mike Godfrey,, Washington[more1]

Wednesday ,04 March 2015

Swiss sign first tax information sharing deal under OECD framework with Australia

Switzerland has signed a deal with Australia to exchange tax information, the country's first such...[more1]

Wednesday ,04 March 2015

Time well spent

By Charlotte Thorne is a Partner at Capital Generation Partners.[more1]

Thursday ,26 February 2015

Hong Kong and Singapore plot divergent fiscal paths

Hong Kong and Singapore have revealed differing plans for how to combat rising prices, ageing...[more1]

Thursday ,26 February 2015

Indonesia to crack down on corporate tax avoidance through transfer pricing

Indonesia aims to recoup equivalent of HK$120b in blitz on tax avoidance that uses the method to...[more1]

Thursday ,26 February 2015

Ignorance is never bliss

John Harper[more1]

Tuesday ,10 February 2015

What gives?

Emma-Jane Weider and Morgan Kainth [more1]

Tuesday ,10 February 2015

FATCA System Goes Live In Jersey

by Jason Gorringe,, London[more1]

Tuesday ,10 February 2015

European Commission widens tax probe to Belgium

The European Commission extended its tax probe to Belgium today , as it launched an in-depth...[more1]

Thursday ,05 February 2015

Hong Kong Renews AML Guidelines

by Mary Swire,, Hong Kong[more1]

Wednesday ,28 January 2015

Cayman Insurance amendments a welcome development for insurance industry

Amendments to the insurance law and associated regulations have been described by an industry...[more1]

Wednesday ,28 January 2015

Hedge funds, speculators face big losses on Swiss franc rally

Currency speculators and global macro hedge funds with large short positions in the Swiss franc are...[more1]

Monday ,19 January 2015

Dubai Keeps Taxes Low In 2015 Budget

by Lorys Charalambous,, Cyprus[more1]

Thursday ,15 January 2015

Cayman Finance supports CIG’s beneficial ownership stance

On Monday, 5 January, Cayman Finance CEO Jude Scott welcomed the recent statement from the Cayman...[more1]

Thursday ,15 January 2015

HK Reviewing Disclosure Of Interests Rules

by Mary Swire,, Hong Kong[more1]

Monday ,05 January 2015

Cayman Rejects Beneficial Ownership Registry

by Mike Godfrey,, Washington[more1]

Monday ,05 January 2015

Switzerland brings charges against alleged HSBC 'data thief'

Switzerland's attorney-general has charged a former employee of HSBC Private Bank in Geneva with...[more1]

Wednesday ,17 December 2014