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Why Labuan


Labuan is quickly becoming the jurisdiction of choice for high net-worth individuals and businesses wanting to invest or expand globally. In 2010 alone, four innovative and effective new laws were passed in Labuan and a further four existing laws were amended with the clear aim of making it the most attractive global financial destination for those seeking highly efficient tax planning and wealth management solutions.

Labuan has been an International Business and Financial Centre since 1990 and is home to more than 300 financial institutions from more than 90 countries to-date. Combining infrastructure, professional workforce, first-class facilities and an unspoilt location, Labuan offers you more than the standard IBFC.

Labuan brings numerous financial benefits together with enhanced working conditions including privacy legislation to protect assets and company details. And any money saved can be ploughed back into your firm or invested elsewhere for maximum profit.


  • No tax for non-trading companies
  • A tax rate of 3% or a flat rate of MYR 20,000 (approximately USD 6,700) for trading companies
  • No capital gains tax
  • A highly developed legal infrastructure
  • Strategic location and optimal time zone
  • Strong economy and low operating costs.
  • English is the main business language
  • Access to the double taxation agreements of Malaysia, the largest in the region
  • Four new laws passed in 2010 to protect business interests and assets, keeping Labuan at the cutting-edge of the business and financial world
  • The Labuan International Business and Financial Centre is administered professionally by the Labuan FSA
  • Established business structure including technology, skilled workforce and resources
  • One-stop centre for banking, leasing, ship registration and insurance services
  • Internationally accepted standards of practices, overseen by professional bodies including the IMF, the World Bank and the OECD
  • Labuan companies can own a controlling stake in domestic Malaysian companies under the Malaysian Satay structure, with access to Malaysia’s extensive DTA treaty network
  • Flexibility for Labuan Holding Companies and Banks to conduct business in designated areas of Malaysia
  • Dealings between Malaysians and Labuan Holding Companies are permitted and a Labuan company may carry out lawful business in Malaysia in, from or through Labuan
  • Shipping operations are permitted provided the activities are limited to those within Labuan or outside Malaysia

Situated close to financial centres including Tokyo and Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand and India, Labuan has the added benefit of being part of Malaysia. With its strong economy, multilingual professional workforce, low running costs, and convenient time zone, Malaysia’s Labuan is the ideal location for access to many markets within the Asia Pacific region.